Wednesday, March 31, 2010

green trees mean secrets breed

oh freedom
yes freedom rings true
and yes ive been loud and clear
freedom is the thing to do
but the banner and the flag sag
when pride and souls hear the brag/frag
boom and done this trip is shunned
in a corner this race leads in a circle of clones
and drones and closets with light shown
and green chirping smells and roosters that crow
crow lemon diesel
crow pineapple kush
and the bird crows like this all day
and in many places
with many strange lights and pots and waterfalls
and the strange thing about it
its secret to the land

Monday, March 1, 2010

fist of truth sit with god

where did it begin
with sin
without face
what makes us up so happy to be made up
not so glad to be down unhappy be frown
upside this side down
guess i have never been wrong
guess you never went out
i suppose that north leads us out
that this trail leads to somewhere
that this hill will peak
that this life will creep
that i will meet with god on a platform of truth
and he we our souls doth meet

Sunday, February 21, 2010

past laps no lead me back

these days soft hard days
gone days past through the door days
goose eggs
these eggs of children growing and spurting
these souls of havoc stretching for the new
and breath and ecstasy and life and guts
oh the guts its what we crave these guts and muts
we crave deep and lavish we crave hot and cold
all we want and desire is to be independent to drive down ice
and ice patch a glare and scream
a dream
its what we crave to feel and reel and squeel
squeel we may and in the fire of life its how we play
but turn around
whats behind us what have we left behind
what sweet ocean did we leave to marry brick and mortar
and how do we get back what rope or scripture should i attach
and latch? follow that stamp up the path dont look back?
but can we look back and turn around
can we walk the path right back to home
instead of doing mortal laps?
can we sit back and relax and bask in thick rays and beads of love and inspiration
can we boil in the multitude of others
can we touch and mend and mix and engulf one another
instead of moshing and thrashing and crashing?
can we swim in waters so thick with souls that we do not swim at all
but enjoy i enjoy i enjoy do you see
i will not be swimming at all
but enjoying the bliss and serenity of being
being one
one love
one love forever.

Monday, February 15, 2010

reality fine by me

and i have been here resting
a dormant volcano with only seconds left
a misread caption and a misinformed anchor
we have set sail maybe the two in my mind
and my heart is bursting and my brain cursing
trenches through time i wander looking for fate
when i can control destiny will i write the book
or just jungle faith mean super 8 means just stop and wait

stop and wait
for what a simple truth
my body has simple truths my soul has complex realities
i will fall dive from the sky my body will divide and soul doth fly
fly from here going anywhere breaking so many hearts and minds along the way
crash burn fingers grab for the choke hold but miss and grab a torqued girl
those curls and furls those flunkies and wild monkeys
these are the dreams that guesses dream of
these are the thoughts and ideas mothers swear off
fine by me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

generative highway

I. life death a knife found in this bed

stabs blood fleeing screams words promised fleeing fluids

lost depth bang to death filth mud love the rest

the best the smiles grins biting lips tongues chains

night tight bites slutty fights punish you deserve it

i deserve you pink pink pink female is red male white

dotted pink beauties soft tender from active use

fun there fun below in you feel warmth forever a dark hallway the generative rebirth second chances

the abyss of seeds colors dots knowledge your walls are lined with learned years

find spots hidden gems corners i can only rub bring back and forth dances in your hallway

my self my snake my dignity my rhythm for you to paint your walls

with beauty experience colors deep penetration reach wisdom pleasure juicy wet corners

teeter totters back and forth hot bodies white wet connected together swinging bouncing bodies

our bodies our soul spirit together walls lines further deeper together.

II. she will be fed tonight

stirs curls bended rapid train pistons boom boom boom

thrashing crashing waterfalls busty furls bouncing girl

lick flicks quick ticks nips dip great ship

set sail come sea wind powerful blowing knowing

moving grabbing faithful stabbing knobs claws socks balls

beats creatures tonight we eat be fed my vitamin

vitamin gwant good bones strong healthy needed vitamin

i give source of pleasure physical mental best (beat, beast) in vocal

tell me yell at me bite scratch filthy smut mud blood triumphant club

i know she you need want have to have me whispers tell me

what i already knew we knew for fun she tells me more

she needs wants must be fed

i know its love sex life- together

two bodies butter knife split skunks the air feels fills fuels my stare

drugs-no vitamins-yes me this i give part of a nutritious breakfast.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Beginning

No one said that this was going to be easy.

They told me to be strong and don't let the Devil get you.

I'm still running circles in my mind.

"I must have missed the turn a while ago."

Lost in this labyrinth has left me disillusioned and confused.

"I could have sworn I've passed this place before."

No, this is not the same place.

The roses have whithered away,

and the oceans have receded deep into the Serpent's Heart.

Unearthed and untouched,

My Soul and mind are still waiting for Spring.

For the day to blossom and flourish,

and to discover within myself a new and pure soul that has not been seen.

Until that day comes,

I must keep my head towards the sky

and my mind on the stars.

There is no such thing as having too much knowledge.

Explore the universe of your mind

and make sure no stone is left unturned.

Not knowing is the start of a restless mind.


Saturday, January 3, 2009


bang a rang drifting notice rain teardrops from heaven

heaven gives us these forgotten teardrops forgiven tears from old heartbreaks

just drifting always drifting needs the drift in this sea of concrete quick sand fate

move keep moving jawing clawing balling on the sea of past days

floating teetering fence balance the past and future humans are present

my mind my words my movement your eyes staring back at me

it is all happening right now today for tomorrow is forever away

and as we drift as we ride the pistons of our pasts lick lips

taste salt from old teardrops

delivered from the skys collects in the sea for me and you

to drift

just keep drifting

shift drift easiest when brain is a twist.